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WatchList™ Standard Reports

Each Month: 

  • We gather over 130 metrics on over 7,000 securities 

  • Our algorithms identify 40-90 companies that have delivered consistent revenue and earnings growth 

  • On the first Monday, we post 5-15 of these companies with some key financial measures 

WatchList™ Live Notifications

During U.S. Trading Hours: ​

  • Our live algorithm calculates and updates our WatchList Lower Bounds for each of the stocks that meet our growth criteria.

  • If a company trades under our WatchList Lower Bound, our algorithm sends members a text with the the company's symbol and the Lower Bound value.

We analyze. You decide.

We believe that the pursuit of happiness is easier when people are prosperous and financially secure. We save WatchList™ members time so you can focus on your career, business, family, physical and social activities.